And we found the purr….

I have somehow managed to find a highly affectionate cat who has “claimed” me as his own. Tons of leg runs today and actual snuggling.

He likes his cat bed now that I put it on the real bed. I keep finding him curled up there. Except now, he gets out to snuggle up against me.

His cold seems to have improved. Much less congestion tonight.

He and Fergus looked at each other head on this morning. No hissing or claws. When he decided he was done he just slowly went under the bed. Very uneventful.

Tonight I brought Fergus in on his leash and Henry went under the bed. Fergus was obnoxious. He kept shrieking and wouldn’t sit still or calm down enough for Henry to even be mildly curious about coming out from under the bed. I don’t blame him. I too wanted to go under the bed and put earplugs in. I just have to keep trying until the novelty wears off and Fergus can calm down to the 9 year old dog he normally is.

I think Henry is starting to get curious about seeing what’s outside the guest room. Maybe Sunday we can try adding a little more space.

What a sweet cat. I can’t wait until the 2 boys can peacefully coexist and sleep in the same bed. It will be far more relaxing for me than having to bounce around between them every night. Fergus always wins bedtime because I can’t change that on him. Just hoping for the day Henry might join.