Kitty is still pretty congested but I was able to wipe his nose and get him to take a treat for good behavior.

He was on the bed tonight instead of under. He is also very into affection. Even rolls over and shows his belly for a rub.

I apparently really won him over tonight with a little kitty massage. From that, I got head rubs from him and then he laid down with his head in my lap. When he decided to get up to eat and I went to clean his box, I got the kitty leg rub which I know is a sign of affection and trust.

Not sure when he will be ready for Fergus but I am definitely enjoying the daily thaw. He’s trusting me pretty quickly.

And, I have gotten lots of good kitty litter advice. Good thing as, once again, Fergus and I were sitting on the couch when Fergus turned his head towards the stairs and started sniffing the air. Seconds later, I smelled it too. Time to go up and scoop.