Huge progress yesterday getting the boys to meet each other. Boundaries were established and quickly read with a hiss or two. I was able to drink my coffee in bed with the cat and dog on the bed at the same time. It’s not love yet. Just respectful awareness.

Had to test the overnight process last night as Fergus and I joined Nana to babysit my nephews.

I came home to find Henry under the bed but he hadn’t over eaten. He observed limits with his automatic feeder. How long can you leave a cat alone for? Just trying to figure out the Cape weekend thing and what about long weekends? This is when being an antisocial introvert doesn’t pay off. I don’t have a list of sitters 😀

Today’s excitement was leaving the bedroom door open all day in case he wanted to explore. He didn’t. Under the bed was his preference. Going forward, I’m not going to keep Fergus out when I am in there.

I at least kept Fergus hated to the downstairs with me for exploration time. Again… didn’t happen. I feel like I have a prisoner.

Maybe it’s something he has to do with me in sight. He’s very good at responding to me and trusting me enough to come out from under the bed once he realizes that’s the way to get pet.

Anyhow, boring day but mostly because Fergus and I napped on and off on the couch all day. The prisoner is welcome to join but seems to prefer his cell digs.