Much more visible today. I have found him on the bed multiple times and he definitely wants affection. We even had some cuddle time tonight. He is doing ok trusting me….even after I did bring Fergus in to look around one time when he was under the bed. Fergus never looked there.

I do feel bad that Henry is a bit congested. He came home that way but they weren’t overly concerned. I was able to wipe his nose a little to see if I could get him used to it. I try to give him treats every time he does what I want but he doesn’t accept them.

I took all the air wick plug ins out just in case those are aggravating him. But I don’t want the house to smell like him so I need to figure something out. Between him and Fergus, this isn’t exactly Beverly Hills at the moment. They both have stinky pee.

Fergus wants to meet him so badly. I feel really awful that I have to spend time with them separately which takes away from Fergus’ time. I look forward to a day when they can both snuggle up and sleep in the same bed with me.

I am also terrified of letting the cat have access to the whole house. Way too many places to lose him and not know where he is. Anyone know how to install a door by the way? I have always kept the cellar door off to make the house feel larger and the basement is finished so it feels like a part of the rest of the house that way. Alas, I fear if Henry went down there I would never see him again. Thinking that’s a good reason to dig out the door and put it back on.

Anyhow, more progress today. After the day I had…. words fail to explain how awful… I needed the cat to have implemented feedback and he did.