Poop. There was poop in the litter box this morning. So he is eating enough.

He stayed under the bed this morning again but this time I put a blanket under there with him. When I got home tonight, I found him snuggled up in it, still under the bed but closer to the outside where he allowed me to pet him. Then he moved back to the middle.

I took a break to feed Fergus and put Fergus to bed. Figured I’d pop in real quick for a goodnight. This time I laid on the floor and stuck my arm under the bed and pet him again. Then I decided to give it a break and just sit up and be present.

Progress, he very slowly came out from under the bed to shit in the litter box in front of me. And, instead of going straight back under the bed, he proceeded to eat and drink. When he was done he walked past me very, very slowly and went into the empty box I left out for him.

I think we took a good step forward tonight.

Trust, little guy…it’s pretty scary. I get it.