A little late and again will be brief.

I have always been inclined to believe in Karma but have also felt it can be a bit extra slow to catch on.

That said, I think I experienced some of the good stuff tonight.

I went to see John Butler Trio. His talent is of a transcendent nature. I go somewhere in my head listening to him and seeing him live is a real privilege. I think he might be the most talented artist I follow.

On a tangent, he also reminds me of the guys I dated in college. The artsy, hippie, music types. Why I ever diverged from that to white collar, corporate privilege where every guy has the same haircut, I just do not know. I think I was meant to be with artsy, poor hippies.

Anyway, tonight was supposed to be a boyfriend date concert. I had 2 tickets which I NEVER do. No matter if I am dating or not, I always stick with one ticket for me and I can meet up with said dude at another time. I usually refuse to have optimism a guy will work out. Therefore, I was completely humiliated when I bought into summer guy and let him talk me into optimism.

I knew tonight I would have to sit awkwardly next to an empty seat and have to explain it to whoever was on the other side of it. Humiliated. Not to be at a concert alone as I do that all the time. Humiliated because I didn’t think I was doing this one. And true to form, no one took me up on the offer to come with me.

So, yeah. Humiliated going into tonight. But I knew someone from work who has a 2nd job at the concert venue. She’s a pretty great person even though I don’t think she recognizes it. Before I got there, She arranged to have my seat upgraded to a great spot. I had a blast where I wound up and made friends with people next to me for the show.

So, had I gone with douche dude, we would have had ok enough seats but I would have been held back. Tonight, I got to see something he didn’t and experience kindness from another person. I think I got some good karma today.