Yes, I skipped writing on Thanksgiving. Maybe I will 2 posts in one day soon to make up for it. That said, I haven’t been writing anything good. I think I’m better off when I let things build up and I start writing in my mind days before I finally sit down and type.

Anyway, current playlist :

In heavy rotation right now is the John Butler Trio Home album. I am also working through all of the Boxer Rebellion albums, all the Ben Howard albums, the new Lucero album, the newest Big Head Todd and the Monsters album. They all pretty much cover the overall mood spectrum I have going right now. These are all on my Spotify shuffle right now and what I listen on the way to work every day.

For podcasts, I just finished the most recent episode of Unladylike and am done with Dear Sugars so I am looking for a new one to get into now. I do the podcasts driving back and forth from the Cape and get heavily inspired to write depending on the topic. Notice how a lot of what I write hits on Sundays. Usually fresh from a Cape commute.