Will keep this short for tonight as it’s about gratitude. It’s also a benign post about work with no hidden meanings. There is a leader who used to get updated about my online activity and false rumors were spread that my content was work related when it wasn’t.

This is so feel free to scream it from the rooftops.

I made a slight career change six months ago to work for someone who had a reputation as a great leader. Boy was that a good choice! 16 years and this is the best experience I have ever had.

Moreover, I have a group of leaders reporting to me who are just remarkable. Their work ethic is strong. They each bring different talents to the team. They are collaborative and inclusive. They want the best for each other and our associates. They have trusted I was brought in for a reason and have paved the way for me to do the things I am built to do. To achieve the results we have only 6 months in is solely because of their contributions.

I got to treat them to dinner tonight which a tiny drop in the bucket of gratitude they deserve. I am a better leader because if each one of them. They make me laugh when I need it and they laugh at me when it’s needed. They know how to manage up and trust that I will really listen to what they have to say without fear of rebuke or retribution as that’s just not how they roll.

They are why I go to work every day and while I don’t deliver my A game everywhere I go, I sure as hell make that effort for them because they deserve it.

What a lucky assignment I have. It’s a gift, really and the best time of my career. These folks…. they are serious talent and deserve the best in life.