Seriously? Once again I have to deal with how much he tried to care about me and just couldn’t. I am just so hard to be around apparently.

I did what I needed to do and burned the bridge so that I can’t see what he’s doing and ensured there is no chance he will ever try to speak to me. All my exes are familiar with this approach. I do or say something so revolting there is no room for forgiveness.

I told him to enjoy his Buddhist Karma among one or 2 other things.

I have to set fire to these things and burn any possibility of warmth or reconciliation. It’s the only way I know and my shrink will scold me for it, perhaps. We have worked very hard on my scorched approach to things. It’s just the only thing I know how to do to kill off my empathy.

If only he knew where I was when I lit the match and threw it.

Know that I am not missing this guy. That’s not what is happening here. It’s what he made me feel about myself that I am sorting through. I can’t dig out from it.