What does your brain do when the guy your with decides he’s open to non-monogamy halfway through seeing you? What does your body image do with that when he decides it after sleeping with you? After insisting relationships be monogamous? And, unbeknownst to you that he was advertising this decision? In violation of your agreement?

Where does your self worth go? Do you have any left? Who are you? What happened to confident, irreplaceable, number one you? How do you ever see yourself that way again?

What about you caused such an offensive change you weren’t worthy of being made aware of?

What do you do with that? You certainly don’t love yourself anymore. You don’t get much sleep. You worry about every morsel you put in your mouth and you start over-scheduling workouts. You have no idea what you mean to anyone in your life anymore, if anything. You don’t even look like yourself anymore. You can’t even picture a time when you might feel whole again.