Thank goodness so many song titles exist which I can borrow for blog titles. Thank you, U2, for delivering today.

Imagine you have been in your current home 10 years or so. When you get up in the middle of the night you don’t need to turn the lights on to get to the bathroom. You know every step, turn and doorway sometimes by the gliding of your hand down the wall until you find a door. Sometimes you don’t need to touch anything at all. You know where the toilet is, the toilet paper too. You can find the soap and faucet as well without ever turning on a light. Sometimes you can do it all without even waking up your dog.

That’s what being single is like.

Imagine a new room with someone else in it. It takes you 10 minutes to just try and slide your way out of bed to stay unnoticed because his arm is around you. Then, In The dark, you have to use your fingers along the bed, somewhat crouched down to find your way around it. You don’t remember what is on the floor or where. You don’t know what to avoid in order not to stub a toe. You worry you might knock something over or trip. And that’s all just trying to get out of the bedroom. You’ve still got to navigate a bathroom you don’t know and you, ambitiously, want to do it all without waking him up. He’s probably awake anyway and just staying quiet to humor you. But that means he probably did hear you fart or know you were gone long enough for it to be a number 2. And then everything you thought about each other a week ago is different. Maybe it’s different in innocent, livable ways. Maybe it’s much bigger than you know and it has changed everything. Regardless, you still have to maneuver your way back into bed and wait for sunlight, the opening of his eyes on you and not knowing at all what he is thinking.

That’s dating.

Which is better? They are both dark rooms full of obstacles and potential broken toes I guess. But when the light of day finally rises and illuminates your face, what do you see? How do you feel? What can you live with? Who is he? Who are you?