Empowering evening meeting at a coffee shop with like minded individuals to see writer, Steve Almond speak. He brought his 9 year old son who can sing, play guitar and write his own songs. Incredibly impressive and inspiring to see a child so full of hope, creativity and opportunity. Steve mentioned most adults try to beat the creativity out of children. Amen, Steve. That certainly was my childhood.

Decided to grab a quick bite and drink before heading home. A very strange man sat down next to me and put his backpack in the empty seat between us. He is only drinking water. In 10 minutes he has gotten up 3 times with his backpack and gone to the restroom which is making me incredibly uneasy.

Boston Marathon 5 years ago I stopped into Typhoon for sushi and a Kir Royale. Before leaving, I went to use the restroom. The wait was unusually long. I couldn’t imagine what the girl was doing but it was so long. I wondered if she had drank too much and gotten sick or passed out. The Marathon coincided with Red Sox opening day so lots of drunk people by 2 pm. When she eventually case out she was carrying a backpack. In my mind, I jokingly considered she must have built a bomb in there.

Maybe 15 minutes later I was at Pizzeria Uno standing in the front window watching the runners go by while drinking an Angry Orchard. Next thing I know bombs started going off. I didn’t love because even though my brain registered they were bombs, my body froze in place. How random that I had just kiddingly thought of that a few minutes before.

4th trip to the bathroom, this guy. I am trying to understand a million rational reasons for it. Perhaps he is killing time before an early am colonoscopy. Maybe he went to the doctor today and was told he is exhibiting signs of dehydration so he’s working it out here.

I’m supposed to believe there’s a reasonable explanation for everything… that anything else is paranoia. Because of the people who criticize me, I am trying really hard to stay in my seat and eat my salad rather than running out of here. But he just came back without the backpack. A panic attack is starting.

Will you make fun of me for running outside right now?