Prompt: what you think your life would be like if you didn’t have depression or anxiety.

For certain, I would be thin. It would be easy to motivate myself to work out and I wouldn’t feed my feelings with food. I would also drink far less. I’d probably just be like everyone else who has one glass of wine with dinner.

I’d probably have more confidence around taking career risks. I’m terrified of somehow losing the ability to financially provide for myself so I don’t rock any boats too much.

Certain I would have finished college the first time around. But not sure if that would have led to a Masters or not. More likely I would have gone to law school.

I probably would have had healthy relationships and definitely be married by now. Not sure about kids. I have never felt the urge but maybe I would have had depression not made me fear passing on bad genes or being unable to manage the stress of being a parent.

I would definitely sleep a lot more. I’d be more rational when stressed. Simple things like people approaching me from behind wouldn’t increase my heart rate.

Basically, I’d just be normal. Probably coffee with friends. Couples dinners. Skinny. Maybe no acne. Yeah, just normal.