I’m really not in the mood to write. The biggest thing I’m tackling this week is something I can’t talk about. I know the right action to take but because I am human, I still hate it. My work is very, very, very hard. That’s all I can say.

So, something light hearted…..

Christine Elizabeth Dolan


3 fears: flying, dying alone, dying in general

3 things I love: Fergus, peanut butter cups, music

4 turn ons: humor/sarcasm, confidence, intelligence, decisiveness

4 turn offs: small hands, beards, tank tops on guys, gym/bathroom selfies

My best friend: Fergus


Best first date: haven’t had it yet


I miss sex

I was born sometime after 8 or 9 am. I confuse my time with my sister’s


I don’t have crushes. I either date you or I don’t.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

Favorite place: beach

Favorite food: I go through phases. This time of year I am always looking for Shepard’s pie

Yes, I use sarcasm all the time

Right now I am listening to Fergus snore.

First thing I notice in a new person: are they listening? Meaning, if they ask you a question, do they listen to the answer or get distracted and turn away to talk to someone else?

Shoe size 7

Brown eyes

Brown hair

Favorite style of clothing: I’m all over the map in this but default to a more preppy look

Yes I am old enough to have done prank calls before caller ID. Now it’s drunk texting and not anonymous.

Current underwear color is black

My URL meaning…,I’m a misfit. I have never fit in anywhere in my life.

Favorite movie: Less Than Zero

Favorite song: way too many. This month it’s Home by John Butler Trio

Favorite band: so many. U2, Afghan Whigs, Lucero, JBT, Jason Isbell, Ryan Bingham, BHTM….

How do I feel right now? Killer headache.

Someone I love: my sister

Current relationship status: single and I think lucky because of it

Relationship with my parents: mostly good. There are a few hiccups with my dad here and there but overall a big 180 from even 10 years ago.

Favorite holiday: holidays actually are depression triggers for me

Tattoos: 4: tramp stamp, 2 shoulder and 1 ankle.

Tattoos I want: ready for tattoo number 5. Not saying what it is but it’s music inspired. Think Anton Corbin

I have not joined tumblr

Last book I read: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Do I ever get good morning or good night texts: only when dating

Have I ever kissed the last person I texted? No

When did I last hold hands? PTown bday weekend

How long it takes me to get ready in the morning: over an hour. I take super long showers for my mental health.

Have I shaved my legs in the last 3 days? Nope. That’s for Tuesday and Friday

Where am I right now? In the winter of my discontent

If I was drunk and can’t stand, who is taking care of me? If not the bartender then no one. Hence why I recently found myself trying to get to the bathroom via my bedroom closet.

Do I like music loud or reasonable level? The louder the better