2 weeks ago I had a promising date with a really cool guy. We matched on intelligence, humor, beliefs, interests. The next day I got a great text about blowing away his expectations and would I go out with him again. I said I would and he proposed we meet for a drink before I head to the Cape on a Friday night which ended up being too complicated with the dog in tow.

Next plan was to meet up when I was at the Cape and he was coming off the Vineyard last week. He blew that off with some lame excuse and asked about my availability this week. I don’t like a blown second date and I don’t do try outs while a guy is testing all the other shiny new toys he comes across in the meantime. Gave a short response about being home by Sunday and was pissed.

No response, no follow up to find out what day I am available. So I decided this was a done deal.

Got a little bread crumb today where he sent me an article which reminded him of a conversation we had at dinner. But that was it. No follow up to ask when he could see me again. The article was a smart move because it caught my attention and softened me up. But nothing since which means he is likely on a date right now. Points gained quickly blown once again.

My guess is he is trying to ensure I don’t go anywhere while he’s test driving other options. I am definitely not a fan of that.

I am blogging about each step on this one because it’s showing all the classic moves of modern dating and “back burning” to make sure he’s not missing out on anything else before deciding on next steps with me. But there still could be potential depending on how it plays out.

I do find this process fascinating even if it’s degrading. So it’s worth documenting in this blog to see how this approach plays out.