I am keeping it in the shallow end again. I have been so busy lately my brain is overstuffed and acts like a spreadsheet download all night….every night. It’s a good kind of busy but it moves into my creative territory and leaves me capable of nothing but worrying about beauty products. Here are a few more of my awesome, cheap finds.

Does your makeup bag look like this? When you first bought it, everything fit and the top zipped shut. But if you are like me, you like to buy fun stuff every now and then (like that little tube with the black top and pink stuff in it….that’s a great highlighter from Wet ‘n’ Wild easily found at Walgreens for 5$.) As I prepare for Europe, I realize this situation isn’t going to work and I don’t feel like having all these products spilling out in my carry on. Hence, look what I found on Amazon for under $10….

This pouch is double the size of my current makeup back and has a drawstring closure so it’s more flexible. It’s also got a little padding on the inside so I don’t have to worry about anything breakable. It’s malleable so it will maneuver in my suitcase or carry on in whatever shape I need it to take. I can probably also throw some accessories in it too. One bag instead of two.

Find yourself incessantly annoyed by chapped and chafing lips? Chapstick actually doesn’t work. Vaseline is fine at night but a little basic. Plus, when the dog moves around and sheds fur, it magnetically attaches itself to my lubed lips which is gross. This stuff from Burt’s Bees is perfect and while it can attract dog hair, it’s far less. It’s not a goopy consistency, doesn’t have a smell or weird taste. And, it works!!!

However, do you still want to do a proper lip exfoliation? If so, this is the product for you. It’s all nature and can actually be ingested. You rub it all over your lips to exfoliate and can just lick any extra granules off. It’s vegetarian!

Got terrible foot pain like me but don’t want to keep your hands occupied by having to hold the ice bag on or around your foot? Hands free! Found it in Amazon and it’s cheap. It’s meant for feet specifically. You warp it up and secure with Velcro. You can even walk around on it. This is a time saver and nuisance avoider for me which means I actually use it every night like I should. When it’s high maintenance, I don’t bother. This is a life saver for my nerve pain. Works for arthritis too.

Do you love nail polish but find you buy a shade that doesn’t come out the way you want it, it chips a lot, or it’s trendy and you don’t want to spend double digits on something you may only wear once or twice? Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Extreme Wear. Stop and Shop for $2.99. For real! And, it lasts longer without chips that my Revlon, OPI, Essie and Maybelline Color Show….all of which are $8 or more. Drop the 🎤

Last but not least. Tired of the wage gap and can’t afford to food shop? Feel like shopping at Market Basket with people who go out in their pajamas in public is your only option? Tired of our President fucking up the country so much that you noticed your gas prices going up? You’ve got to food shop and Stop & Shop. They send you coupons in the mail or via app customized to what you normally buy. And, they always have discounts on items for cardholders. I spend the same and sometimes less here than I do at Market Basket. Not only that but they partner with Shell gas and allow you to earn discounts on gas when you got to Shell stations. Tonight I got 35 cents off every gallon which makes a meaningful difference.

Those are my PSA recommendations for busy gals who like life and doing it on the cheap and easy. Happy shopping!!!