When you are single and house hunting you don’t really have a wishlist. Or, you do but you also know full well you aren’t likely to find anything you truly want as you know having the one income means settling for an outdated kitchen, stained carpeting, parking lot vs. garage and an old bathtub which is super shallow. 2 income people usually get a house with a garage, deep tubs, and an updated kitchen they don’t like the style of and will probably change in the next year. They don’t like paint color in one room but can fix that. And a half finished basement is ok because they will design the finish plan themselves and create an extra room for the kids to hang out in.

I hate shallow tubs. The ones you fill up but aren’t deep enough to cover your whole body. You have to shift back and forth depending on which body parts you want to keep warm. While doing that, you can also hear the water draining so it’s only minutes you can have a hot bath….not the long hot bath you see on tv where the water is neck deep, has room for bubbles and possibly a second person.

I have always been a bath girl until I moved into my townhouse which has a poor excuse for a tub I cannot afford to upgrade. I have learned to love long, hot showers instead because baths are like sitting in a tepid puddle. Until now. The handy item above found on Amazon stops one area from losing water and allows you to fill the tub a little higher. It’s not perfect but expands the bath by a few more minutes. I would also recommend the drain cover so the water isn’t getting sucked out from the bottom drain as well.

It’s not a 2 person tub, nor will it last an hour. But 15 minutes and being able to cover your boobs while reclining is better than nothing.

Have you been pining away for years wishing you could afford to have your teeth whitened but know you can’t afford the procedure? Maybe you are an ex smoker, current coffee drinker whose yellow teeth embarrass you but you can’t even afford the crest whitening strips from the supermarket because of your tight budget? Yep, me too. Found this stuff on Amazon for 6 or 8 bucks. It’s not a miracle but you will see a difference. Just buy a cheap extra toothbrush and be prepared for all the black in your mouth. It does rinse out but is really jarring at first. Totally worth the loose change.

Do you have wavy hair that, on its own, really looks dull and lifeless? Kind of like the 80s if you let your perm grow out? That’s me. I either have to purposely wave it with a curling iron/styling wand or straighten it with a flat iron. But even with a flat iron there is a moment in every straight hair day where I reach to the back of my hair and feel a wave that I missed or just wouldn’t get fully tamed out with the iron. For the rest of the day I am annoyed that the back of my head looks like I didn’t check It before leaving the house. Even if I did, I wouldn’t have seen it because it forms slowly throughout the day and is just something you feel in a 2pm meeting when it’s just too late and everyone sitting behind you knows you don’t have your shit together and only look good in the front….like a mullet.

This Salma Hayek product you can find at any drugstore is a miracle worker and probably doesn’t set you back more than 10$. It works so well that the flat iron is just a quick process to flatten out anything you didn’t get with your brush and hair dryer. Totally recommend this.

Do you travel and wonder which bras you need to pack? Including the fact you might want to wear tank tops and none of your bras look any good hanging out of your shirt? You want a cute option you don’t mind showing off? Try this sports bra. I can use it for my normal workouts but now feel confident I can throw a cute black t shirt, tank, or sundress\maxidress over it without looking completely unhip or like someone’s mother. Another cheap Amazon find. This bra is waiting to go to Portugal and Spain very soon.

As I find more cheap products the average, 1 income gal might appreciate. I will make my endorsements for you because we have got to stick together and help each other out in this economy. Single girls unite and run the world!!!!