A couple weeks ago I got a message that simply said ” drinks tonight?” Ordinarily, that’s a perfectly good start to trying to date me. However, this guy blew me off twice. Yes, I know. I don’t typically allow that to happen more than once with the same person but I also acknowledge I can be a bit rigid with forgiveness and understanding in the moment. While I know the first time it happened it wasn’t really a misunderstanding on my part, I was willing to play along just in case I was being unreasonable.

The second time we had a day and time planned but he never followed up with a location so I let him know the door was closed and I didn’t tolerate this kind of behavior in my life. When I got the message about drinks a couple weeks ago I just ignored it.

But I got it again last night and now I am pissed. What kind of guy thinks it’s cute to blow a girl off twice and then circle back around like 1) it never happened and 2) it’s clear it’s because he isn’t finding anyone else? I actually find it incredibly insulting and quite a statement on his lack of respect for me as a person and for women in general. So I told him that.

No response. I certainly hope that’s the end of the “drinks tonight” message to me….to any woman for that matter.

Welcome to dating in the 40s. I call it dating the leftovers.