Picture by Ryan McGuire

Earlier this week I received the following message in one of my dating sites:

“I had a feeling while reading your profile that you would mention no Trump supporters. Sure enough, there it was! I did have a Trump sticker on my vehicle but it was defaced. What exactly do you mean about looking for feminist leaning men. I thought liberals were tolerant and want equality for all.”

I know. Isn’t this the dumbest thing you can imagine? Only a Trump voter would think it shouldn’t be that polarizing to the genitals of non Trump voters. It’s a level of ignorance not abundantly seen so prominently except for back in Hitler’s Germany.

Trump voters have all sorts of theories about people receiving public assistance except they don’t actually know anyone who does. They have plenty of opinions about what women’s bodies should or shouldn’t do because they only see a woman’s body as a receptacle for their penis. They think Trump is going to make jobs magically appear out of thin air not realizing it’s jobs they wouldn’t want. They want to build a wall to keep people out but those are the people willing to do the work the Trump supporters don’t want to do. I could go on.

There is a world of dumb in that simple dating message. It’s hilarious and offensive at the same time. Re-reading it makes me so angry again.

On the other hand, it’s like watching this defenseless little man go up against a very strong, intelligent woman who could chew him into little pieces within 5 minutes….except he probably owns a gun and would shoot me because that’s the only fight he has. If he has to ask what feminism is he isn’t even a good Trump supporter because the ones that would be in my social circle know enough about what it is to rally so ferociously against it.

Is it guilt? Insecurity? The “Oh, no. What have I done? Women really won’t date me because of this?” What makes someone like him try to make a plea to me on a dating website? Is he looking for me to say ” I was only kidding about the Trump thing. If a guy is great enough, it won’t matter.” But it does. Your “p” isn’t getting anywhere near my “v” because I have general disgust and coldness towards anyone who thinks my reproductive system is their agenda. Just like sleeping with a guy who’s only move is the jackhammer and women have been faking orgasms around forever just to get it to stop. Same mentality.

It also gets me thinking about the vitriol I was receiving from a friend and Trump supporter every time I made a feminist comment on Facebook. I think there is a deep, subconscious insecurity happening where some of these guys really felt like they were only voting for infrastructure and tax reform and are surprised by the response of nearly everyone they know that they should feel shame in ignoring basic human rights. Because, that’s what it comes down to. Even the “innocence” of the vote, when it had nothing to do with wanting to take away women’s rights or cause white supremacists to come out of their closets…or sheds or barns or churches….whatever they hide in, isn’t innocent at all. The desire to only want some things from Trump and not others was a choice against those who would suffer under him…virtually anyone who isn’t an old white evangelical male and their wives. There can be no absolution of that but I think they are looking for it.

One person wants to fight over the constitutional right to bear arms even though that was originally intended for colonial America during Revolutionary times when there was no other way to defend one’s home and family. Another wants me to say I will suck his dick if he’s cool enough even though he voted for Trump.

Looking for validation? Think you have an argument strong enough you will change my mind about how important my body is to me? That you can convince me I don’t really know what rape means? That you can bang me so good I won’t care that you voted for a guy who pisses on prostitutes and grabs women by the pussy?

I really am offended by these men sniffing around to see how bad it really is and seeking some kind of validation from me of all people. The election of this man is what made me cross into the liberal territory and declare myself a feminist. Before this election, I was an “Independent.” I could sleep with a Bush voter. I could sleep with an Obama voter. Trump voter, no. I will never tell you it’s ok. You did do a really bad thing. It is a big deal. It does severely limit your dating pool and you don’t get to fight about that. At least not with me.