I love this band.  Have loved them all the way back to “About Today” and “Without Permission.”  I had not gotten around to seeing them when they were doing smaller venues so I jumped at the Wang Center.

I have a pretty great seat.  But I am sitting here taking account of all the exits.  I am trying to figure out which side of the seats I should throw myself towards on the floor and how quickly I might be able to get myself behind a column if we were being shot at.

I wonder about the excitement of crowds at the Bataclan in Paris and in front of Mandalay Bay.  Just a bunch of people coming together to enjoy their favorite music.  Did they look like us?  How many other people here are thinking what I am?  Does the band ever worry before they go on stage?  Is everyone’s heart rate as elevated as mine?

Will I last the whole show or will I need to leave halfway through?  Would I even see an attack coming? This is what it’s like to go see your favorite bands.