This will be an ongoing project where I list out confirmed reasons for why I am unappealing to men and then my list of reasons which may be my deal breakers as I discover them.   I will add them as they happen.  The most common question I am asked is “Why are you still single ?”  The answer to this seems quite important to some people so I will attempt to answer it.

Points against me:

My body

My dog

I don’t make enough $

I like the beach 

I like summer

I want to go to Vietnam, Cambodia and South Africa but they have big bugs

I don’t mind driving distances to do fun things 

My schedule 

Apparently, I want sex when it has been promised.  

I don’t like motorcycles 

I drink too much

I am too honest
Points against him:


“I have a cat and a bunny.”

Performance Anxiety

All sex talk, no action

He has a motorcycle….with a built in vibrator

He can’t handle me but expects me to handle him like there is some huge difference