This is more of a stream of consciousness vent which I think people need to be allowed to do in order to stay healthy.

First, Goo Gone is my new favorite thing.  It cleaned the white paint right off my car in 5 minutes.  Thank god.  Since the mailbox is fine, I just don’t even want to have that conversation with my parents.

Both my parents are disabled at the moment and I feel completely useless as well as selfish since I am supposed to go to Europe in a few days and leave Fergus with them.  Oh, and my dad is my ride to Hyannis to catch the bus to Logan Sunday but he can’t move right now.  Mom is in rehab for her back and no idea when she comes home.  Not that it matters because my father is home not moving because of his pain.  Is he eating?  Able to take care of the dog?  Does he know not to drive?  Cos he was texting my cousin while on dilaudid which set off her alarm bells.  So, basically can’t have a coherent conversation with either parent at the moment.  That’s encouraging.  

Do I cancel this trip?  I can’t afford a kennel on top of it.  I don’t know what to do.  

I have headaches every day starting at noon and I’m sick of that.

Children were killed at a concert last night.   Don’t have children and yet I am insanely empathetic to parents and devastated for these kids.  I have been having similar pangs towards teenagers and all my friends who are parents as I watch 13 Reasons Why.  What is wrong with me?  I never wanted kids so why do I feel so deeply for them?

I almost bought fried chicken for dinner tonight for the same reason I backed into a mailbox.  The brain is on overdrive and just not even aware of the most basic things right now.

The dog pooped on the basement floor today while I was still here so I don’t know what that’s about.

And seriously, who gives a shit about Billy Bush who lost his job for being a pervert with Trump?  I have Zero interest in his little sympathy tour after he considers himself reformed after going to a spa and hitting a pillow with a hammer and having one uncomfortable conversation with his teenage daughter.  Seriously, go away!

That is all for now.