Trader Joe’s parking lot.  I pull out of my spot and start to drive away but must slam on my breaks because of the dude who pulled out of his spot without looking and almost hit me.  I had to honk at him to get him to stop and he was surprised because he hadn’t been looking.  I threw my hands in the air.  He made faces at me and gave me the finger….with his girlfriend in the passenger side.  Charming boyfriend she has there.

Trader Joe’s parking lot.  I am at the end of the lot with my left blinker on preparing to turn onto the road.  A man swings far into the lot nearly hitting my car because he wasn’t paying attention to the fact I was there.  I threw my hands in the air after gasping for breath from the panic.  He Laughed at me, mouthed some words and acted like I was in the wrong.

Route 3 south.  Nashua, NH.  Red light just before exit 8.  I was just waiting at the red light.   No idea the guy behind me was expecting me to have done something for him.  When the light turned green we went and then he followed me onto the highway riding my bumper and tried to run me off the road.  When I tried to speed up to get into another lane away from him, he would speed in front of me and cut me off so I couldn’t get past him.  He did this for 5 exits while trying to also run me off the road.  I never even threw my hands in the air on that one.  I still don’t know what I did but I was scared on that one.

Marlborough.  Route 20.  Sitting at a red light.  Older man gets out of his car and walks up to my window, starts yelling at me and banging on my car.  I think I just wouldn’t let him cut me off but it was still an extreme response.  I took his picture and he walked back to his car.  I cried.

Tyngsboro.  Dunkin Donuts drive thru.  Delivery truck got himself in a pickle when he didn’t realize he had backed himself into a drive thru lane.  He drove forward and it looked like he was going to hit me.  Then he stopped within an inch of my car and wouldn’t move so I couldn’t get around him.  He just sat there expecting me to move so I threw my hands in the air.  He got out of his truck and approached my car yelling at me.  He was telling me I had room.  I couldn’t see it.  He could because he was elevated in a truck but it really didn’t Look like I did.  He was becoming so aggressive I told him if he didn’t stop yelling at me I was calling the cops.  He got back in his truck and I did some tricky maneuvering to get around him.  The fact he was comfortable approaching me like that in front of about 30 witnesses is rather telling.

Route 9 East side Framingham.  Before weight loss.  Guy was in the wrong lane and wanted to be in mine at the last minute but I didn’t let him in.  I may or may not have had a good reason.  I am a MA driver, not aggressive but assertive.  Plan ahead for your lane change.  My motto is that your lack of planning is not my emergency.  Anyway, my failure to be his welcome mat resulted in him rolling down his window to call me a fat bitch.  I stopped at a store, bought a bunch of crappy food and binge ate.  Then I stuck my fingers down my throat to throw it up.

Should I continue?  I have one question….do men do this to other men when driving?